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In the last few years, medical science has seen dramatic advances in new and innovative wound-care protocols. Once a matter of simple wet saline dressings, wounds can now be better managed by a number of new techniques, including a family of compounds known as protease down-regulators. When these matrixmetalloproteinases (mmp’s) are over-produced, the wound healing cascade becomes unbalanced.

In a typical open wound, new tissue is grown as old, necrotic tissue is removed and sloughed off by the body. This series of events is regulated by specific enzymes (proteases) which act to govern the rate at which new tissue is grown. Unfortunately, these proteases can become over-active and slow the healing in acute and chronic wounds. This is the case in such common wounds as decubitus sores, traumatic injuries, diabetic foot ulcers, and first degree wounds from burns. VetCare has transferred a wound-management product technology which has been used by others for human application in the past, to the veterinary market. For more scientific information, CLICK HERE.



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