QuickDerm Horses


Indications for Use:

  • Burns
  • Lacerations
  • Secondary wounds-post surgery
  • Wire cuts
  • Cracked heels
  • Non-infected dew poisoning, rain rot and mud fever
  • Scratches
  • Speed cuts
  • Heel & quarter grabs
  • Quarter cracks

  • Veterinarians
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    Quickderm_logo-newCase studies of horses. QuickDerm is a very non-caustic ointment that can address a variety of acute and chronic wounds in horses.

    Case Study 1

    (mouseover photo)
    by Dr. David Jolly, DVM, Hot Springs, AR
    Wound at the inside of the left rear leg on mare. Note 2” deficit on upper border. Initiated QuickDerm on 8/4/08.
    9/8/08–Last day of study. Wound considerably smaller.


    Case Study 2

    (mouseover photo)
    by Dr. David Jolly, DVM, Hot Springs, AR
    8/4/08–Initiation of QuickDerm on serious hock wound on mare with exposed tendons. Notice proud flesh.
    9/8/08–Note the progression of wound.


    Case Study 3

    (mouseover photo)
    by Dr. David Jolly, DVM, Hot Springs, AR
    6/26/08–Large hock wound on gelding with a septic joint. Extremely lame for first month prior to QuickDerm study.
    8/4/08–Initiated QuickDerm wound management technology.
    8/19/08–Wound management progressing nicely.
    9/8/08–Last day of study showing good outcome of wound management technology.


    Case Study 4

    (mouseover photo)
    This wound was over a month old. The owner had tried several wound care products with no results. This photo was taken before applying QuickDerm. Wound after only 6 treatments with QuickDerm.