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I just received my VetCare QuickDerm! It’s absolutely the best wound ointment I have ever found for my 2 senior dogs, both 9lb. Chihuahuas. Within days of my husband’s unexpected death a few years ago, I noticed a small bleeding spot on my Duke’s front leg. As I watched his behavior, he would stare at the front door waiting for his ‘Dad’ to walk in. The longer he watched the door, the more he licked that spot. My then vet recommended QuickDerm and gave me a small tube of it. In a day, the healing started! The wound was dry within days and the skin recovered within a couple of weeks.

Since then, Duke has, from time to time, licked spots on himself but they’ve never been as bad as the first one due to the wonderful QUICK results of QuickDerm!!!

Thank you!
Jan Forrester

I ordered your product for my sugar glider who had a dominance wound, as it was recommended to me versus vetericyn for which I normally use…vetericyn usually takes about two weeks to heal our wounds…your product took one week! It’s amazing and I wanted you to know. Below I have attached what it looked like and now it’s completely gone. Thank you for this product

A very satisfied customer
Stephanie Paquette

jamies_dogThank you Vetcare! I really appreciate your awesome customer service and shipping QuickDerm out so quickly! So does my coned dog Samantha. Getting that ointment means faster healing and less time in the cone of shame. She’s miserable with that silly thing on. Ha ha! Have a great night!

“Just wanted to say thanks for the QuickDerm wound ointment! It really did the trick on her TPLO (ACL knee surgery) incision. It was weepy, swollen and red for the 1st couple of weeks. I started using the ointment after her compression bandage was removed and by 6 weeks post surgery you couldn’t even see the incision. I think it made all the difference in how her wound healed. I also used the last of it on her elbow calluses as these had gotten irritated due to all of her “down time”.

Thanks again. We really appreciate your thoughtfulness.”
–Ruth & Randy Overton

“QuickDerm is in every vehicle, medicine cabinet, and I give it to all my clients to try. Super product!
Walter Varcoe, Farrier
New York

“I am ever grateful to have come across this product at an IVECCS a year ago. I’ve used it on MANY wounds and it has been amazing! My clients have been nothing short of super happy with this product. I seem to constantly get pictures because they are in shock of how great the wound looks in such a short period of time. From severe open wounds with bone exposure (I deal with lots of feral cats!), to degloving injuries, ulcerated masses on rats, necrotic skin lesions in reptiles….this is my GO TO ointmen! Love it!”

–Natara Loose, DVM, DACVECC
“The Neighborhood Vet”

I handle the adoptable strays that make their way into our practice. We recently took in a small hound mix which had leather-like skin and was missing fur from about 80% of her body. After several baths, she became so itchy that even with the application of various topical creams, she scratched herself open last Tuesday (9 days ago). The open wound was bleeding and measured about 6” by 1.” Recently, our PennVet sales rep introduced me to your ointment. The wound healed within two days of my applying the QuickDerm, and her fur is already growing back. She has some of the most severe skin issues we have ever experienced. The owner of the practice, Karin-Susan Breitlauch DVM, has been a veterinarian for 25 years and is extremely impressed with the effectiveness of your product. We are a 24-7 emergency clinic and expect to be trying your ointment and spray on a number of wound care issues in the near future. It is not often that we are able to leave such positive feedback about a new product and are certainly happy to do so.
Linda Breitlauch, Comptroller,
Creature Comforts Veterinary Practice,
Saylorsburg, PA

In the competitive world of advanced wound care in the horse, QuickDerm has outperformed comparable products that cost two or three times as much.

Gregory Fox, DVM
Lexington, KY

I have had the opportunity to use QuickDerm on several cases including minor wounds and several skin diseases. I have been very happy with the results and the performance of this product. I look forward to using it on many more cases.

Tracy A. Turner, DVM, MS, Dipl.ACVS
Anoka Equine Veterinary Services
Elk River, MN

I am writing to let you know how pleased we are with your product QuickDerm. We have used it in our veterinary practice for wound management and have seen incredible results. Also we have used it for topical treatment of two patients with inoperable skin tumors. One patient is “Pearl Rose” Hutchins, a 16 year old Bichon Frise with a sebaceous epithelioma with perivascular dermatitis. Application of QuickDerm temporarily shrunk the tumor.
Another patient a 9 year old Siberian Husky “Star” Beard had an elbow mass diagnosed as low grade spindle cell tumor most consistent with hemangiopericytoma. Application of QuikDerm caused about a 50% shrinkage in the tumor. Unfortunately this pet was euthanized because of a nasal tumor.
I have also have personal experience with the use of your product in the management of exuberant granulation tissue (“proud flesh”) in one of our horses. It worked very well.

Dr. Denise R. Sacks
Oak Ridge Animal Hospital
Greensboro, NC 27409

I attended the SWVS in October in San Antonio, TX and received a sample of QuickDerm. I have used it on one of my personal pets and was extremely impressed. It cut the healing time in half for anything else I have used. Although obviously not labeled for such use, I put a small amount on an open wound that I had, to see if it stung upon application, and was very impressed that it did not (very minute sting for the first second, but went away quickly). I have relayed all of this, including the small amount of product needed, to our Dermatologist who just started with us about 2.5 months ago. She is very interested in trying it. She sees small animal (dogs and cats) and horses.

Megan Rutledge
Veterinary Specialist of North Texas
Internal Medicine Department

“I have had numerous opportunities to use the QuickDerm tube that you sent home with me on horses, and as you knew I would be, I am amazed! I have used it on 2 deep cuts, and was able to witness the inuries and apply immediately. By the next day the wounds were closed and by day 2, I honestly would not have believed there had been injuries in the animals if it had not been for the blood still streaked on one horse’s face from the initial insult!”

Dr. Sue Whiteman, DVM (Indiana)

“We are a non-profit equine rescue and we house and care for 60-80 horses at any one time. The horses live outside in herds in large pastures with tree, ponds and varying terrain. Horses being horses, we regularly have a variety of wounds to deal with.

I purchased a 2 oz. tube of VetCare QuickDerm at the NAVC in January this year. We have been using it on the horses here at the Horse Protection Association of Florida over the past four months. We have used it on lacerations, sunburn and rain rot. I am very impressed with this product; we have seen excellent results on every wound we have used it on. One 2 yr. old TB colt had a small but deep laceration that looked like he may have run into a nail protruding from the fence. The wound was washed once and the QuickDerm applied once daily. The wound healed quickly with no proud flesh or scarring which is impressive because this colt was emaciated and its immune system compromised.

QuickDerm has worked beautifully on the sunburned pink noses from the scorching Florida sun and the rain rot that came on quickly after seven straight days and 20 inches of rain in late May. We truly appreciate having a wound ointment that works so effectively and makes our jobs caring for the horses a little bit easier.

Morgan Silver, Executive Director
Horse Protection Association of Florida”

Dear VetCare,
I’m writing to let you know that I am extraordinarily pleased with QuickDerm, which I use on my hawks and falcons’ feet.

One health problem common to larger birds of prey is a condition called “bumblefoot.” Bumblefoot is essentially caused by pressure on a raptor’s delicate feet, often in combination with an injury (such as a squirrel bite incurred while hunting) or prolonged periods of inactivity (such as with injured, captive-kept and rehab birds). Bumblefoot is similar in nature to pressure ulcers and can be an absolute nightmare to resolve once it occurs, so prevention and proactively addressing any foot injuries is really the best “cure.” This is where your product really excels.

When one of my birds incurs a squirrel bite to the foot or toes, I first clean the wound site by gently scrubbing with warm soapy water and a toothbrush to remove any dirt or debris, then I irrigate the wound site with 70% isopropyl alcohol to disinfect it. Next, I wrap a narrow perch with a piece of pastic cut from a contractor’s garbage bag and tape it into place on the perch. I then slather the top of the plastic-wrapped perch with your product and place the bird on it. Every time the bird moves on the perch, it self-medicates its feet. Over the course of the night, the bird may medicate itself dozens of times as it changes position while sleeping–it’s that easy!

Since using this method and your product, I have not had a single bird develop bumblefoot and all squirrel bites – even the particularly nasty ones – have healed completely.

Mike Bodary
Federally Licensed Master Falconer

“QuickDerm is a wonderful product and I was amazed with the results. Max (our dog) also has diabeties, which makes the healing process especially difficult. But after applying QuickDerm for one week directly to his wound; well, the results speak for themselves! I love my dog and could not bare to see him suffer and I am so thankful there is a product on the market that yields such miraculous results.”

Warm regards,
Jeff McGahee

“I had tried two other products prior to using QuickDerm and they were not giving me any results. I began using QuickDerm and noticed a change within three days after the first application. There were six applications and not much of the product was needed to cover the wound. The result of QuickDerm speaks for itself. I will continue to use the product and recommend it to others.”

Wayland McClelland, Idaho


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